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Who Are We?

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With shovel at hand our undertaking begins.

As two lovers of Gothic and Alternative fashion, they found the industry they had beloved no longer seemed to reflect the culture they were so passionate about. With big corporations like Disney cannibalizing what was goth into “pop-culture” appeal. These corporate figures set out to reach a larger customer base while never caring or understand what made Goth so special. A defiant genre spawned to celebrate the darker aspects of life. With that same defiant spirit, Kenneth and Josephine set out to create the Indie shop Diabolical Signatures. An Independent Clothing line dedicated at building a real community with their customers. A place with no gates to keep, for Baby Bats and Elder Goths alike. A place to network with other Gothic and Alternative fashion designers, artists, and craft-creators. To cross promote and collaborate. They also seek to work with charities and non-profits to help address and bring more awareness to the issues plaguing the Goth community such as bullying and suicide prevention.

We’re just two weirdos.

Fated for each other, Kenneth and Josephine are a creative couple sharing a love of all things eerie and strange. Born and raised in the city of White Plains New York, influenced by their surroundings and those in the public’s eye, past and present; they seek to create their own world through their ghostly vision.

Kenneth is a former teenage cover model for horror and fantasy fiction. It was here that sparked his curiosity with the macabre that would later grow into an obsession. He worked exclusively with award winning artist Mark Garro, while Garro completed his illustrations for such acclaimed authors as R.L. Stein, among many other authors.

Josephine has had a love for the arts and all things dark since a young age. All though her unique art style was not always understood, she still kept with it, excelling at it as she grew. Receiving multiple awards in her younger years, Josephine felt it was right to peruse art as a career. She attended college where new techniques and mediums were mastered.

We have a long journey to go.
Find us at the crossroads, where the Devil isn’t the only one waiting.

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